Best 3 RC trucks on the market now

There are different types of RC trucks on the market now such as electric RC trucks, RC buggies, nitro RC trucks etc. Some of them are not quite expensive; they are affordable- can be purchased at a reasonable price. Some are also expensive, but when you buy them, you will see that it is truly worth the experience.

We have taken time to look at series of RC trucks on the internet; we compared their Pros and cons and read a lot of user’s reviews. At the end of the study, we were able to come up with these top 3 trucks you can buy right now.

Although they differ in body styles, range in price, they are also excellent for both experts, and amateurs. These RC trucks have been tested, trusted and highly proven:

RedCat Racing Electric Volcano EPX RC truck

This is the best for anyone that wishes to carve a niche in the remote control world; its price is affordable, costing about half of what other branded remote control trucks usually cost. Users are happy with it, because it provides power, extreme performance and durability.

Some amazing features of this product are a polycarbonate body, full suspension, internal electronic components etc. If you get this RC truck, the only other thing you will be required to buy are batteries for the transmitter.

RedCat Racing Shockwave Nitro RC Buggy

RedCat racing shockwave nitro RC buggy is one of the most RC vehicles that can be purchased at moderate rates. It is greatly powered by RC bubby. There are so many things that differentiate this product from a wide range of trucks and buggies, but the one that people always talked about is that you can get it at less than $200 dollars. It is unique in all ramifications and from all standards of evaluation.

Amazing features of RedCat Racing shockwave nitro RC buggy include polycarbonate shell, electronics for steering, transmitter, servos, shocks, 9 yards etc. It can be powered by a 2.67cc Vertex engine. This product will guarantee you firm landings if you are performing any form of jumps.

Traxxas Stampede Monster RC truck

This RC truck is ideal for those looking for durable, quick and high jumping and performing RC truck. It comes with internal electronic components, transmitter, adjustable internal parts, polycarbonate shell, gears, suspension, and wheels. Each of the internal electronics included in this RC is 100% waterproof.

Traxxas Stampede monster RC truck is simpler, less expensive, can go on all kinds of terrains successfully. Also, users are fond it because it handles better, and guarantees better control. Its simplicity and excessive power makes it amazing not just to drive but also to own.

The only reservation some users have had about it is because it is more expensive, and comes with few complicated parts, with particular reference to the center driveshaft and front diff.


If you are searching for the best RC trucks on the market now, kindly check these 3 explained above. Use any of them, and we assure you that you won’t regret doing so. Each of them are unique in their own ways.

You will get ultimate value for your money when you buy any of them. They can be acquired at a good pricing either from the manufacturer’s website or authorized dealers, at few hundred dollars. All of them are great trucks.

You can’t go wrong by purchasing any of them. When you buy these products, make sure you read the user’s manual and adhere strictly to their guidelines.

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